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Is Your Website Content Failing to Attract the Right Customer

The right content on your website resonates best with the right audience. Not every person who visits your website will fall into your target customer pool.

For those who do, you don’t want them ‘bouncing’ because they couldn’t understand what you were talking about or worse, didn’t find the information pertinent or helpful.

Know Your Audience

In the digital world, content needs to be delivered in a way that resonates with your target audience. For example, I am writing a post on tips for creating the right message for the right customer. A business owner, like yourself, who writes their own content will be told a different story from the one I would present to a professional content writer –both are interested in tips that help them improve their writing, but the way the information is presented will be different.

Make Your Messaging Matter

When your writing is specific to your target customer, there’s less room for ambiguity. A common mistake many business owners make is confusing ‘specific’ with ‘detailed.’ Detailed information is putting everything about the products/services you offer on your website. Then mistakenly believing that a user will want to search within the site for answers to their dilemma.

Specific information on the other hand is providing just enough detail within the page itself, so your reader understands how and why you’re the best solution. In other words, don’t rely on information found on other pages within your website to do the work for you.

Engage and Captivate

When each page within your website contains specific, relevant information along with a specific call to action (CTA), you answer the readers’ questions and give them a reason to contact you.
In the comments below, tell me which business websites you think make their customers feel understood and let them know they’ve landed on the right place? Do you have an actionable tips or insight to share?

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About Lori Vajda

Lori Vajda is the CEO of GB Brand Partners, a creative content company with a unique viewpoint on how to generate buzz for your business. Working with a limited budget, she started generating buzz for her first business back in 2006 by writing content that was optimized for digital searches, and later used her skills and talents with Fortune 500 clients. If you have a specific question on generating buzz for your business ask it here. Otherwise you can read her DIY marketing tips, writing suggestions or just say hi on her blog


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